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Floor plans are prepared on the basis that copyright is retained by Floor-Plan Company and the client is licensed to use the floor plans for the purpose agreed at the time of instructions upon payment of our invoice, which in any event should be settled within 10 days (prepayment is required from non corporate clients).

We prepare our floor plans for the purpose of the illustration of the arrangement of rooms and thus they are often displayed in quite a small scale; some elements of our plans may be simplified with unnecessary detail eliminated.

Where we are asked to show these, dimensions shown on our floor plans are in accordance with the guidelines of the RICS, and we endeavour to ensure the accuracy of both our floor plans and measurements. We display dimensions first in Metric to the nearest centimetre with the equivalent in Imperial to the nearest inch. The horizontal dimension is normally shown first, followed by the vertical. Where it is not apparent, arrowheads are used to indicate the extent of the dimensions (where rooms are not ‘regular’ such as in very old properties, the dimensions shown can only be regarded as ‘indicative’).

We do not normally measure the external wall thicknesses, as these are unimportant for our purposes. Internal wall thicknesses are estimated and therefore should not be relied upon. Gross Internal Area (GIA), where quoted, is based upon the nominal wall thicknesses shown in our drawings.

Floor plans are supplied to our clients on the understanding that we shall have no liability to our clients, their agents or their clients for any direct or indirect loss, damage, costs or claims suffered or incurred or arising out of any use of our floor plans or measurements. It is therefore important that the agent/client shall append a suitable simple disclaimer wherever they use our plans, or should instruct us to append their own disclaimer to the floor plans to ensure that it is displayed. “Not to scale, for identification purposes only” will, in most circumstances be appropriate.

Floor-Plan Company’s copyright of the plans must be acknowledged wherever the plans are used.

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